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Power Dragon

This page belongs to the Dragon.

This token belongs to the Draconium Elementa of Jun Hong Red Industry, acting as a draconium token of JH.W to serve as his tree hole blog, which is obviously referred from the band Power Wolf (PowerWolf.Net).
Namespace, Nomenclature: Force.Rex.Dragon.Jun.Red
该实体标识隶属于Jun Hong Red Industry 的元素周期表收藏系列 (晙系,龍族),作为他的树洞博客子服务,其显然致敬了Power Wolf (PowerWolf.Net,同款) 乐队。

Dragon Rex & Dragon AX & Dragon Prime

Power Dragon is a draconium, dracoum (Dragon-ium, Dracoum.com), the force from Dragon Rex.
Power Dragon 是一个鑨元素,龙王之力。

Actually he just want register a domain of dragon.com, but it is totally impossible. So, oops, there only dragon.ax available, so with its friends(-Rex, Power-, -um, etc.), Second, the ax is one of my favorite cold weapons and axe is f** king awesome and sweet…
Jesus f** king christ, dragonax.com, dragonking.com has been taken…
事实上,他想注册 dragon.com,但显然这根本不可能,有这个域名啥屁事没有,早财富自由了,只能穷举了,dragon.ax 还可以注册,还有相关的一些,那就顺手都注册了吧,此外DragonAX,Dragon Rex 这个还挺帅的。
你mei,dragonax.com, dragonking.com 又没了。。。

DragonRex.Net is available, which the DragonRex.Com is NOT, Jesus again! How could the royal Latin world Rex pairing with the second-class citizen ‘.net’, pity, DragonRex.Net can only for fun.
DragonRex.Net 还能注册,你*,DragonRex.Com又双叒叕没了,高贵的拉丁系Rex,怎么能和二等公民 “.net” 放一起,呜呜呜,买着玩吧。

Jun.Red™, Jun Hong Industry

Jun.Red™ is the creative private TLD(Top-level domain) of JH.W(Harold, Bean, ARB, undefined) and refer to his cyber brand (a.k.a. Jun Hong Industry) which is the formal name of the Bean. Power Dragon is the professional blog service that affiliates to Jun.Red™.
Jun.Red™ 是 JH.W 的私人品牌,创意顶级域名(jhTLD)系统以及包含他的旗下私人子站点的服务群,同时是Bean 的正式商标名称。Power Dragon是 Jun.Red™ 旗下的树洞博客服务。

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Bean Nuts Cashew BlueNest [Power Dragon Edition]

Power Dragon is Harold’s personal tree hole site and the project of Bean Nuts Cashew BlueNest official release website. This product belongs to Bean Nuts Family, all copyright for JH.W (Harold). Also, a copy of this website is a demo for open-source project Pinecone Leo Go, licensed under GNU GPL.

Red Nest is the prototype of Blue Nest, between them, for Red Nest is built by C/C++ as his official blog CMS system and personal facility system (Dragon Hive), for Blue Nest is built by Go as his official tree hole CMS system.


Power by Pinecone Leo GoLang
Power by Pinecone Ursus JS Prime Plutonium
Power by Nginx And MySQL
[ BlueNest, Ver 2.1 ] is the modification[Major Revised] edition and the reference is: Sonic
And also pluto is a planet.