Power Dragon - De Draco Potentiae.
The Power Dragon is the tree hole site affiliated to Axe Dragon which is the sibling site of Red Nest and also affiliated to draconian jhTLD, the Jun Hong Industry(jun.red) cyber brand as one of his permanent digital assets.

The power in my hand, the source from sword.
Vis in manu mea, fons ex gladio.
Krafturinn í hönd minni, uppspretta úr sverði.

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Draconian Force (龙族之力):

Gladius ultor noster.
Ferrum in bello lucet.
Per aspera ad astra.
Audaces fortuna iuvat.
Per virtutem libertas.

The sword is our avenger.
The iron shines in war.
Through struggle to the stars.
Fortune favors the bold.
Through virtue, there is freedom.

Sword Force:

Ave Vitae, Rex Promissa

Infirmitas est impotentia.
Fallere est inanitas.
Imperfectio est castratio.
Defectus est perditio.
Solus regula, vinces, impera, et vis.

Weak is impotence.
Failure is futility.
Imperfection is castration.
Defect is waste.
Only rule, conquer, order and force.

Veikt er vanmætti.
Missir er tilgangslaust.
Skortur er kastrering.
Galla er eyðsla.
Aðeins stjórna, sigra, skipuleggja og beita.