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This is the unified links page of the Jun.Red™ (Jun Hong Industry), segmenting by diverse services:
这是 Jun.Red™ (Jun Hong Industry) 的统一链接/友链页面, 旗下子服务组成:
Red Nest, Dragon.AX, Power Dragon, undefined.red.

Feeling free to apply for the friends-link if you wish, regardless which topics, languages your site therein, if them are legal, and your site can keep long-term serving. Please send email or contact me.

Email: wu#jun.red (Private/私信), bean#xbean.net (Business/正式). | Comments / 留言 , Contact / 私信

Jun.Red™ Site Details | 站点信息

History / 历史信息:
This site has been created since 2008, due to expired domain, so these domains are only started since 2018.

Apply for / 收录:
I have systemic technology stacks, interests and language bases, so any legal, long-term stations are satisfied. I will group and classify by type, but topics in IT/CS/Geek/Arts/CN/EN/SP will be specific marked.
* 当前研究、工作、兴趣方向:云计算、数仓、系统底层架构、机器学习和全栈开发。 >>More<<

Meta Information / 元信息:
Name/名称: Red Nest - 红巢
Href/地址1: https://www.rednest.cn
Href/地址2: https://www.axdragon.com
Icon/图标: https://cdn.nutgit.com/junred/me/favicon.ico
Avatar/头像: https://cdn.nutgit.com/junred/me/avatar.png
描述1: undefined之家,关注和分享云、大数据和系统软件架构技术.
描述2: undefined之家,赛博基建狂魔.
Des: undefined.red, this is cloud, bigdata and system-tech.

Acknowledgment / 致谢:
Sincere thanks for your support to Jun.Red on these hustle bustle days.